F**K Your Marriage

Mon, 05/18/2015 - 01:40 -- JustZo

F**k Your Marriage


I utterly despise seeing statistics about marriage

How dare you tell me my love isn't as sweet as

A horse drawn carriage on a summer night

As the sky opens up in an attempt to compete

The heavenly moon against my woman's more radiant beauty


I sincerely hate seeing celebrity "marriages" end in failure

With doubts that my love couldn't withstand

The pressures of public ridicule and spotlight

Who are you to say my love isn't as

Genuine as a raindrop on a spring day?


I seriously dislike hearing how your girlfriend's husband

Is cheating on her with some bimbo from back in the day

How can you possibly tell me my passion & fire for my woman

Can be extinguished, simply by the flesh of another?


No really, I loathe the "love" I see on TV or read about

That is the kind of love formed by a producer in an office

That is meant to fail, meant only to intrigue & misguide viewers

Into thinking love wavers from week to week

Who do you think you are to tell me my love isn't resilient?

And profound as a rebel with a call to justice

Why can't my real marriage be sweet, genuine, passionate, and resilient?

You can't answer these questions I have posed....

So f**k your marriage

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