Life Lesson


I am Human

There is different cultural and religion

I am Asian, Hmong

What are you?

Different laws, different rules

Life lesson that is always occurring

Hurricane that twirls is life

 Situations that curls upon a human.

Mistake that was made are already related by other humans

Stuck and have nowhere to go

Take in words from wises elders

It hurts when you see it go against you or you think it does

Making the wrong mistake

When you don't

Human see human judge your badness

It kicks you in the frame

Words can be action and your action can be crime

Events that happens and still struggle to go pass it

Still it left holes

Holes that a Human, himself or herself will learn to patch it by themselves

This we call Life Lesson

Lesson that learn in life to use in life to not do the same mistakes

This we call Life Lesson.

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