True Self

Words flow like water, deep into the soil

Conveying meaning from nothing

yet planting our voices deep into the walls

hearing the screams, spouting we shall fall

inner demons do tell all..

conscious to pain, almost everyday

swords slash at veins, knowledge fills ones brains,

sleep, sleep - hear them preach,

infinity describes nothing, that can be reached

momentary guidance will direct one best,

unlocking the true soul, of ones chest..

Do not worry - do not fear,

the ear is meant to hear, your eyes meant to tear,

feel the agony, feel the sear,

feel it cut deep, feel the spear.

Expensive is ones mind, contemplating their thoughts

Forcing cheap kindness, does not mean a lot.

Shocking as it may be, difficult to see,

true personality shines, when one is on his knees..

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Jan Wienen

So different ... Thanks ...

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