What you never knew.


There’s a part of me that loves.

There’s a part of me that hates.

There’s a part of me that rages.

There’s a part of me that balances it all out.


Love and hate are balanced no more.

The mass of hate is ever so great.

Hate seeping to my core.

What you never knew was that it was too late.


Love and hate are in a race,

By dawn the love will be long gone.

The love is almost all gone.

The hate has taken its place.


The cuts are here.

Here to stay.

No one to love, no one to pull near.

I see my death on a gloomy day.


Everyone says love conquers in the end.

That has been a proven lie,

This hate I did not intend,

But the end is near, time to say my goodbye.


What you never knew was that

I could love you.

You never knew I could do this to myself

There’s so much you never knew,

Like the fact, I want to kill myself.


I used to be so happy.

I used to love to listen to the birds sing.

Now they make my ears ring!

How did life get so crappy?


Now I’m full of sadness

My life is all shattered.

Waiting to die! So the pain will be less.

In fact my life never really mattered!


Something’s you never knew.


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