Total Distance Traveled


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I have flawless ambition.

I want more than I know how to approach

As a result

I never fall short of achieving at least something

Even if it is reading only a paragraph of “Great Expectations”



I would walk, shoeless, over broken glass

For an undetermined amount of time

Not for where I am going,

But because of my aspiration to get there

Even if it is a small journey


1+1 is less than 10,

But it is still a positive number

Work = Force x Distance

My force is strong and my distance, hungry


The accomplishment of reaching a goal

Holds infinitely more importance

Than the goal, itself.


This is what I have to contribute

This is the part of me that is sturdy


Simultaneously immovable and unstoppable

With nothing wrong and everything right

For all the right reasons

And none wrong


Missed that AP Calculus lesson?

Test Tomorrow?

Challenge Accepted

Common slang to the average Joe

But this is what I live by


This is my flawlessness.

Genius, I am not

Or an overly talented specimen of human

But I am a prodigy of ambition


If I want it,

My flawlessness will prevail

and my total distance traveled,

will always be a positive number.

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