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Forgive me
Forgive me for loving you too much
Forgive me for not being strong enough
For not being able to bear the pain of that love
For not having the will to walk away
For wanting to scream yes while whispering no
Forgive me for not explaining it well
For pushing you away only to return with apologies
For seeking you out only to make exscuses
For asking the hard questions and avoiding to give answers
Forgive me for wanting what I cant have
For wishing for what I shouldnt
For wearing my heart on sleeves so short
That it falls into pockets without my ever knowing
Forgive me for not being brave
For being afraid of rejection
For being fearful of your anger that would result in my loss
For being too scared to give voice to my dreams
Forgive me
For love


Shaynah Woody

I love it :)

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