Is It Possible?

Mon, 04/22/2013 - 10:02 -- TGrillz

You've never seen me wear my tears.
You've never seen me consumed in fear.
You'll never understand what you haven't been through, it's just that clear.

life is my stage, and music is my act, so curtain call for the girl that raps.
And when the crowd claps my pain disappears along with all the cracks.
Have you ever felt so at home in a place oh-so wack?
That when you tried to dream all your memories turned black?
Have you ever prayed to God and never receieved an answer back?
Have you ever loved and lost everything and veered off track?

Have you ever seen me wear my tears?
Have you ever seen me consumed in fear?
Is it possible to understand what you haven't been through?


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