The Words Buried in the Ground

Every night I dream of that day,

The day you’ll take me away,

Grab my hand and pull me under,

Or maybe even grab the blade and watch me suffer.

But I know it’s going to happen,

There’s no running from fate.

One day everything will simply end for me,

I will be nothing more than a breeze in the wind,

My name will be a script on a stone.


Just like the rest,

And you will move on to your next victim,

Put her in your trance.

Tell her things that make her fall,

Show her more love then she’s ever dreamed.

Then keep her all for yourself.

Take away everything she’s ever known,

Make her feel so helpless and small in this big world,

Make her believe the words you say,

Your whispers of ’I love you; I can’t live without you’ bleed from your mouth,

But we both know you don’t mean it, not any damn day.

Then without a warning, not even a thought,

Your words began to fade as your fist starts to fly.

First a helpless shove and a meaningless vow,

‘I’ll never hurt you again you mean everything to me’

But it does happen again doesn’t it love?

It turns into much more than a helpless shove.

It turns cruel, violent and painful,

Her body becomes full of fear.

No matter how much she pleads for forgiveness,

Her pleas are worthless.

And it doesn’t matter to you, does it?

Because your heart is much to bitter,

Filled with hate,

You can’t feel any sorrow.

Not even the least bit of guilt,

 Apologies no longer leave your lips.

Just a simply shrug,

‘You deserved it bitch, now clean up the rug’

And can she run away?

No of course not

You took everything away,

No more friends or family.

All that’s left is you,

You who is causing all this pain,

There’s only one thing she can do,

She can just simply dream you would change,

Become the man she wish you’d be,

But we know better than that, don’t we hun?

You’ll never change,

No matter how many dreams she dreams,

Or how many pleas she pleads,

And the sickest part of this all,

That was your goal all along.

Break her down and watch her fall.

Slowly but surely you did just that,

Little by little her dreams faded with every bruise that marked her skin,

All that was left is the hope to stay alive.

But that’s not possible she must go,

For what if she spills your secret on the floor?

So in the last days of her pitiful life,

Her walls broken and caving down,

That once bright beautiful fun loving girl,

Has become broken and empty, with not even a single star left to wish on,

And it’s your fault.

You know that though, don’t you?

You enjoy her pain,

Her suffering and tears,

The pleas and screams,

Her cries and tears.

Because that’s what makes you, who you are,

A cold heartless monster,

A monster that lives in fear,

And I’m sure you will laugh at that statement,

I know you very well.

That’s why I know that your nightmares are filled with the terrors of your fears.

Fear of death,

Or of your little dirty secret coming out,

But you have nothing to worry about.

We shall keep our lips hushed and sealed,

Not a peep will sound.

You know who we all are, how could you ever forget?

We are the ones you ‘loved’

Your ‘one and only’

But that’s not true is it?

You’re nothing but a liar,

That’s all your ever be,

And your lies shall catch up to you one day.

These words I speak are nothing but true.

Your life will be on the line,

There will be no one to save you from the pain you endure.

Just like you didn’t save us from the demon that took our last breaths away,

It ended our lives no emotions within his eyes,

Took our freedom and left us to die.

We must not forget a very important fact,

You know who the demon is,

He lurks so close to you,

Mimicking your movements, step by step,

Now that I think about it,

The demon is you.

So I’ll see you as you take your last breath,

Plea for mercy, feel regret,

But your pleas will be ignored and your time will be up.

I’m sure you have a question,

When will my breaths suddenly stop?

Well love,

Waiting is a beautifully miserable thing,

And the best part about waiting is that nobody knows exactly when,

It comes as a surprise,

Like white roses dripping bright red,

Their color is changing,

Their beauty is dying,

And all that is left is the stain of their mistakes,

There falls and shames,

Nothing left to fix.

And in an instant with no warning,

The last petal falls,

It hits the ground so silently,

As soon as it hits the ground it begins to wither away,

It’s time fading fast, there’s nothing left to do,

And before a cry is heard, or a plea is bargained,

Its pitiful life crawls to its,






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