Is It All Really Just a Myth?

Many say mythology is in fact, just a myth.

A false presumption, a made up story.

But, what if these ancient legends are actually predictions of our future?

So instead of old folklore, our ancestors retold their old legends as warnings?

However, instead of us avoiding the same mistakes our ancestors did, we ran at them head on.

We laugh in the face of mythology, claim it isn't true.

We lie to ourselves and others to make these old legends sound unrealistic.

Maybe that will make it easier to not trust in the warnings.

From the time we were young, we were always told that history repeats itself.

Perhaps the only way for our ancestors to cope was to make these old folklore seem so unbelievable that it would be impossible that they couldn't be repeated.

So instead of bettering ourselves, we run away and hide from the terrifying truth.

What if it's only called "mythology" because it's easier to believe in a comforting lie than to deny the hard truth?

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Our world


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