Talk to me


I'm so sick of seeing us like this. 

You know that we don't look the same like we used to, but its okay.

"Its okay" you keep telling me over and over as you continue to smoke that joint. 

"Its okay" you constantly told me though you were head first in the toilet. 

Well no sweetie its not okay, it was never okay for to start!  Now look at us: Hair lost its natural beauty and healthy shine while reeking of tobacco, but you try to so call "fix it" by dumping hair dyes and toxins on to it only to still hear the faint murmurs in the streets of why your hair looks such a mess.

When in reality that "mess" is on a much larger scale in which your present weight has only hoped to caompared to. Hope you're not still planning on going to your photo shoot today. Cause you know, showing rib-cages while working is so not classy at all.

And I guess those 2 years in school were still a boring waste of time right? While your roomates study to get their majors, you were next door at that party that you really didnt need to go to. 

I would feel sorry for you but the tears had I for you just got slapped back into my eyes as I tried so hard to keep you the way you once were remeber?

You were that perky, cute, and bright  little freshmen with hopes of one day being something great right?! Well, I'm still here for gods sake! I watched you suffer through it all! The pain of going through childhood and coming into adulthood so unprepared and now you see that at the of the day, the bullying, the stuggles, and issues that you've faced in past will never go away with just some sleazy plastic sergeons promise. 

And now here we are, broke, unimportant, and left for dead on the streets. They said you were more then a pretty face once and now thats all they care about. That ugly, horrible disguise I'm forced to wear because you told me "its okay" .

Hopefully though, now we're on the same blank page as we're together in the mentel institution sitting in the waiting room getting ready to take up residence. That we arent meant for this life...

And when that day comes that you are allowed to see the sun shining on your face like it used to do for me, come sit at our favorite hang-out spot by the park- and talk to me... 


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