Gazing into your brown eyes, your hurt, your shame.

The unfortunate start of life at a young age.

Experimenting with knives and glass releasing your pain,

the truth you once knew,  purposely locked away.

Trying to gaurd your heart to keep it from splitting,

you're broken and torn from  long years of living.

You started a life, with feelings of no beginning,

it's hard to imagine you in a happy ending.

To look in your eyes seeing through the being you are,

Your brown skin so youthful, yet noticable scars.

Look at you, trying to get out of hurts way,

harder than you thought the only choice is to stray.

I can see your insecurities your fractured self image,

what people see as beautiful, you only see hideous.

Looking at you, with full understanding of who you are.

Suddenly my body is consumed with your shallow heart, your visible scars.

I'm bound with your thoughts, trapped in your mind

to see your bad memories, the times you just wanted to die.

The feelings of grief, life bringing you down.

Humiliated and hurt, no longer living for yourself, just the nature around.

I can feel your heartbeat, so heavy and cold,

physically young, spiritually old.

The feeling of sorrow runs through my veins,

doubted your emotions, now i feel your pain.

I can see right through you.

How you chose to forget, but once knew.

An epiphany, intentionally forgotten, I am you.



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