He is all.

He is one.

He knew what would happen when time was done.


The time we live in does not last forever.

So how can one say that we will always be together?

It’s not a gift.

It’s not a thing you can treasure.

Time is…


Ohhh, love.

Some say that love is wonderful.

Some say love is painful.

Love is majestic.

Love is kind.

But above all love surpasses time.


What is truth?

Truth is not fact.

A fact is proof, and proof of love is unseen.

Time is seen in every which way.

Except in his way.

For you see he who knows truth, knows love.

For he who knows love, knows that it can never be proven.

Ultimately, he who knows time, knows it just is…

His, and he is one.

He is all.

He is…Him.


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