Facing Reality


Living life but is hiding,

Waking up but feel like dying,

Wishing you could fly but falling.

Feeling like the world is crashing,

You take one breath in and breathe out slowly.

Stepping in the light you go,

Facing reality very slow.

Watching time flash before your eyes,

You see the truth deep inside.

Your world turns out to be a game of life,

Facing it makes you wanna die.

Feeling reality's pain and pleasure,

Yet so strong but very clever.

Embracing it with all your might,

Trying not to give up the fight.

Taking responsibility for your lies and actions,

Seeing the mistakes you made in fractions.

You take one breath in and breathe out slowly,

You step back out of the light that's holy.

Facing reality is what you struggle to do,

But some how you made half way through.



Oh my God.i love your poem . It captivates me, with true words. I love it


Thank you so much. Glad you can relate to the poem. 



OMG I loved this poem this poem was so very true because i struggle with dealing with reality and this just showed me that i can get though it and over come the truth .Very creative way of writing i loved it keep up the good work 

check out my poetry when you get a chance thank you 

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