Shattering the Silence

Do or die, fail or try;
either way, you don’t have a choice
unless you want to live life with a voice
silenced by others who would rather live in fear
than open up their minds and hearts to hear
what you have to say and see the good you can do.

The bottom line is people are afraid of the truth
because truth means reality, truth means progress, truth means change
and people are afraid to step outside of their cage,
to breathe in the air, and to see the world
because they think that somehow, all their fears will unfurl,
and everyone will know all their secrets
and their neighbors and friends will all be speechless
at the behavior they engage in behind closed doors -
behavior that some may critically abhor.

People will fear for their lives and think they’re under attack
but truth never behaves like that.
Truth is a pure blank slate devoid of hate
much like a child when they’re born;
we project beliefs on their innocence, only for them to be scorned
as they grow up and are ridiculed for what they’ve been taught
because they never thought for themselves that the truth should be sought,
and that questions should be asked:
How can we learn if we don’t study the past?

I don’t want to be misunderstood:
believe what you will - that’s all well and good -
but don’t shut yourself off to another’s beliefs;
remember your gain is the cost of someone else’s defeat.

The point of being human is to be social and share,
to spend our lives together, to grow and to care,
to leave behind a world in which our children can survive,
but how can we if new ideas constantly die?

If you have something to say - speak up, don’t be afraid,
and don’t let anyone lead you astray
from what you believe and what’s in your heart,
change works out well for those who are quick, clever, and smart
to adapt and leave themselves open, the future is an ocean
full of endless possibilities,
let others take advantage of all the facilities
available to help make the world a better place
because at the end of the day, we’re all part of the human race.
Future generations will look to us to lead the way,
and when they ask your advice, what will you say?


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