Defining Our Truths

What is comparable to inevitable??
If the lyrics don't intertwine, then the meaning is forgotten.
How do we proceed to the next level when we keep falling?
The stairs are right before us but the world is calling,..
The world of sin wants to take us from our dream
The dream of living and prosperity is just a mile-stone,
We gotta know that our soul bleeds pleasure and happiness.
Our soul is the birth of who we become and who we want to be
So much pain fills the section of our inner selves,
Its up to us to let it go and let it die off.
The mood of wanting to forget is hard for the heart,..
But we gotta know that forgetting is just a start.
A new beginning awaits us, we just gotta be patient to see,
That a new beginning is just the future of our reality.


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