The thing I’m most superficial about

Is my own uniqueness


When I was a little kid

It was important to me

That I’d pick a different color or number

To everyone else when it was craft time


It’s still important to me

That I’m different

I pick different things

To like than most other people.


And I know this really doesn’t

Matter very much at all

But my favourite thing about myself

Is that I’m different from everyone else


But that's not true.


I like different things

I think different thoughts

From other people my age

But I’m the same in many ways


There are so many other people

Who pride themselves on being different

But we’re all the same, really

Us millennials, we really are.


We YASSS QUEEN the same way,

We find things RELATABLE the same way,

We are often selfish the same way,

Like how it doesn’t even matter


If we are different or the same,

I need to realise that I need to stop,

Thinking I’m a special snowflake

Because I’m really not.


I’m slowly letting it go,

And I’m finding that it’s great

To find people with common interests

Common interests, and it’s wrong to


Pretend you like something different

To what you like, because you want

To be different, that’s just as phony as

Pretending you like something to fit in.


Maybe even more so.


I’m learning.

Give me time.


How about we forget being different

And we forget fitting in, and then maybe

We can just like what we like?

That would be nice.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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