thoughts pertaining to you

I really just want to see you again.

You made me feel like someone who has a purpose in life.

You kindled something inside of me that I had never felt until I got to know you.


When I think of you I smile.


I felt so light and free around you, as though my ball and chain had just been undone and I could suddenly explore everything I had been missing out on since I had been chained.

Unmistakable liberation.


That’s exactly what I want to do.

Explore everything with you.

The world.

We could travel to wherever we pleased or had an urge to explore.


We could experience the luxuries and pleasures of the world.

I believe it would pure bliss with you.

There is not a limit in sight when I think of a future with you.


And if ever there were to be an ill-fated occurrence, then we would make one another stronger.

Our love would be strong enough to conquer anything that comes our way.


And if not, so be it.

No matter what, I want you in my life long term.

You are irreplaceable.


Your soul is without a doubt unparallel.

And just as a person cannot unknow what they have been shown,

I cannot live without your soul, as a whole.

So, if you will, make us both wholesome.


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