Hey Listen,

What is your life?

What is your love all about?

Where are you?

Silly Simple questions.

Aren't they not.

can i answer them now or tomorrow.

Will you have one for yourself one day.

many have though and didn't know

but why?

Aren't we all complete

with imperfections to begin with?


I don't know but that is okay.

Finding the truth is 

all about the journey 

than the truth itself.

Learning is believing

and Believing is understanding and 

keep it in faith 

But faith needs to be strong

Not breakable by a small whisper 

from the side. 

Carry all you are with Love

and Listen to your physical and spiritual at all times

Balance the ties and make peace with yourself.

for Who you are and Who you Will be,

is what makes you better than anyone else

not in a very blendable because you are you 

and no one tells you who you are ought to be.

Well,at least thats the plan

from the start.

Some don't know that yet.

but they will

even if its too late for them

its better than never

becasuse we have eternity at our hands

with the decision we make. 

Make it heaven or hell

you will soon know.

not to scary you but its true



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