Running Daylight



Your powers all I need-

 The only thing I see.

You see, what'chu got

Is all they all really need.

My dream job 

Is to be Your Light where there is none.

They say,

"Son, you’re lost and forgotten."

I say,

"Brother, your home and begotten."

Love does not parish along with your wreckage.

Love has won over the darkness.

They say,

“Daughter, you’re nobody and nothing.”

I say,

“Sister, we’re alike and you’re honored.”

My dream job

Is to be Your Light where there is none.

They’ve made this a mess,

We’ve made it a distress,

Broken souls

Wounded hearts

Abandoned faith.

I stand to make things straight.

“There is a Way,

There is a Truth,

And there is Life…

Waiting for you.”


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