The Curtain Behind Pres

Sat, 09/06/2014 - 19:04 -- Pres

Way Back when

I was never thin

But the desire to be in-

The in crowd Grew out of control

I was never myself

I was never Pres

in the public eye

I was always who they pictured me to be

A nobody.


Way back when

But a little closer to then

I was hard… on the outside

Rough as can be

Yet on the inside softer

than most would believe 

My family knew this,

This persona that I put up

Knew that it was a shield of sorts

Cumulated from all the hurt and pain

And the negativity that never came with any gain

In the public eye they knew

I couldn’t be Pres

I couldn’t be me

I just, could be…


But What happened?

I don’t know

This persona

This shield

This curtain

I bestowed upon myself was lifted

Dragged and tugged off

I couldn’t be what I wasn’t

I wanted what was mine



My family saw one side

While my public life saw another

I was scared, frightened, terrified

but then, a little voice said

“Pres, worry about my perception of you

I know who I made thee to be

Embrace it, don’t run

Swallow your terror,

Swallow your shame

And be true to yourself.

Every.  Single.  Day.”

This was the day I said no more

I came from behind that curtain

And faced light

Faced the world,

Of which i claimed

And with all my might

Pushed out that fear

With all that might

Stepped into the reality

that THIS was me, 

MY reality.


From way back when to then to now

I grew from a girl to a lady of truth

Strong in my spirituality

Never again shall I hide my true self

Never again shall I

Never again, because Pres escaped that curtain

And although I was certain

That this could never happen

Here I am

I proudly stand In front of what kept me back

What kept me hidden

I stand in front of myself

And now openly be:


Which is me.



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