Everyone is asking who I want to be.

No one is seeing that I'm already me.

I'm tired of putting up with all the bullshit and lies. 

I'm tired of people trying to change me with their cries. 

I'm gonna be me and that's all I'll ever be. 

Your gonna be you because you'll never be me. 

I'll be on top of the charts.

You'll be on bottom pushing the carts.

If you keep putting me down like you do.

It'll come back around and bite you.

I am Cheyenne Kay Whitenight. 

I'm gonna fight this fight.

I'm gonna get the win.

Then I'll come back around and do it all again.

I'm stronger than you think.

I like black but I hate pink.

I'm stronger than you know

I'll know when it's my time to go. 

For now I may be working it solo 

But later on in life I'll be in groups from the get go.

This is me leaving you behind with the one thing on my mind, YOLO!


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