The Truth Is Out There


Uncomfortable in that chair

but still no one seems to care

I'm out here full of fear

I'm bout ready to tear

I know the truth is out there

but I just don't where

If I knew could I prove that I'm really sincere

I'm full of soul this I know

and I'm ready to go, foolish

though I know I got the heart and mind of a pro

I can't relax this attack

there is no heading back

if I lose my footing now I'll be all out of whack

I put my tracks in the mud

like my piss and this blood

preserving life on this earth like noah

after the flood


For the truth how far would you go to the end?

abandon all your lovers mother brother and friends

Become a trend setter and make no amends

If you can't carry that weight please don't try and pretend.


This world needs leaders people ahead of the curve

that head on with destiny won't feel feeble and swerve

those with nerve and the urge to purge

electric attitudes that cause cities to surge

with incredible power like a flower that won't burn

growing out of concrete on the meanest of streets

This poem is about: 
Our world


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