Ain't Gonna Be Me


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I contend not with men and their rhetoric, but with self and its defiance to the greatness that is alive in me.

I contend not with the debates of ideals, philosophies or idle banter of religious superiority, but with flesh and its insistence that I accept today as though it were the defining standard of tomorrow.

I contend not with society’s woes or its flagrant hedonistic proclivities, but with the rampant portrayals of self-degradation, gender emasculation and the rejection of tolerance and love.

I contend... daily... not against men of flesh and blood but against the ideology that good is enough, love is irrelevant and the hope of something profound is all but dead. I contend... daily... not against women of flesh and blood but against lies that seek to define me—restrict me—to ‘my place’ as a single woman, lover or friend. I contend, daily. It’s me vs. them—one of these will die. And it ain’t gonna be me.



"I accept today as if it were the defining standard of tomorrow." If this idea were more widespread, this world would undoubtedly be a better place, especially when one realizes that standards are made to be surpassed. Thank you for sharing this.


Its my hope that it can and will spread like wildfire in the minds and hearts of others.

Thanks so much for dropping in and giving a glance. I really appreciate it.

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