No filter zone

Snap !

Zoom, get centered more, then delete.

Twenty to fifity shoots until we get the one that is unique.

Taking photos for others to critique.

With the aid of Amaro, Inkwell, X-Pro II and Nashville to make those photos magnifique.

Filters to blur, brighten and cast an enchanting defeat.

All in the hopes that others will follow and like our confusion.

What is the real illusion, that blinds us from our preception to our true representation.

Who should we blame ?

We hide behind what the media claims is the mainlane, but what if that impression is within our

own brain.

Unconsciously preceiving images that we deem ideal to maintain.

No filter, no photoshop just the real proof,  the truth !

Posting images that are undoctored for others to see the real you.

so SNAP ! 

Twenty to fifty shoots until you get the one, that is peak.

Without filter, because genuine is never faux chic.



Love this! Thanks so much for sharing :)

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