Prolonged Inhibitions Dictionary (Pt.1)

Tears always seem to threaten me,

Suffocating my throat 

And blurring my vision,

At any significant contact

From blood relative

That mean so much,

but say so little.


Anger always seems to boil in my stomach,

Shutting my lips and hiding

To protect the innocent

From the pent up fury inside me,

From years of nomad living and confusing situations

That I was never old enough to understand.


Sadness always seems to rest in a cloud

Above my head

When I understand that I am finally old enough

To hear the forbidden,

For it squeezes my beating heart

Until it pounds so fast

That I begin to wonder 

If I have gone mad,

And I see that I have.


Loneliness seems to be the only place

To wallow in my problems,

Because the world is tired of hearing the same old thing

And I am tired of repeating it,

But it is hard to change

In name of a solution.


Sincerity seems to be limited

To flattering words and convenient times,

But falls upon deaf ears when it is time

To face a harsh reality;

And you know the truth is

The elephant in everybody's hearts,

But everybody likes sincere words

Because they are comforting lies.


Time seems to fly by in seconds

But people do not realize

They live far longer than most on earth;

Far more privileged with exquisite emotions

Unknown to other living things;

Still, time is one of the most feared concepts

Because we never know how much we need

And are not really sure how much we want.


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