I'm just another colored kid living in the suburbs. Picket fences all around, all painted my neighbors color. Moved from hidden driveways down to the hidden truth: my shade still mattered more than it may for you. Hanging with the preppies to banging with the crew, little would you know the preppies bang too. I tried to fit in, I tried hang too. But God had another plan for me to see through. Now you can catch me on the track, you can catch me on the field, but meet me with the notes cause that's where God gave me the feel. The question at hand I really don't understand. Who am I?I'm fighting every other day go figure who the hell I stand. Do I party? Do I read, the scriptures that I bleed? Do I give in to society and become exactly what they see? A young black boy with nothing but a dream. To bad for them cause this brother will succeed. I've been mocked on and laughed at, they stepped on my SnapBack. So I stood up quick with anger and just laughed back. I know this for sure I'm a solider. I'm living in this battlefield, cold hearted behind the boulders. But let's not cause a scene and face it: I'm just another one of them, I'm basic!


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