Little Liar

Tell not a truth

Speak a falsehood

Underneath the mask

the veneer

We are all the same

Rotten to the core

Little Liar 

Take the stand

Tell us your truth

The lie you have built

Let your house made of sand

Fall around you

Little Liar



My child,

No one will hurt you here

See, in the end

It's all a lie

Speak with your black tongue, vermin,

But understand

Thy neighbor does the same

Your poison dipped daggers are at each others back

Trust is the prettiest lie of them all

Don't believe it

The great deceivers

They whisper in your ear


But take nothing to heart

Little Liar

You're words are false

mistruths, falsehoods, lies, untruths

It all means the same

Little Liar

Silence now

Seal thy serpent in it's cave

Cut out your tongue

Be silent!

Little Liar



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