Class of 2014 and all the hell we've seen.


My P.E. Class was great, and do you know why?

I never had to dress out because my teacher was bi!

She read sex books all day, and let us play on our phones,

good thing I was not a fat kid, because I'd just be on my own.


My favorite class was show choir, I love to sing and dance,

but when the school made a budget, they cut my favorite class.

Not only did they cut music, they cut my favorite teacher as well,

my senior year has sucked so far, no really, can't you tell?


Sitting on my butt all day and staring at a screen,

all the student's have computers and get to cheat on everything!

We take our tests online now, and Google is my friend,

don't forget I message my BFF all day, all we do is IM.


Some days I had to ride the bus, and I would fear for my life,

I've literally seen blood on the floor from one of the fights.

To be honest my school is ghetto, and it get's on my nerves,

I have to take honors classes so I'm not stuck with all the pervs.


My “free public education” isn't really free,

the total was sixty five dollars due for all my class fees.

My family was on Furlough, but now the government has totally cut them off,

I can't even buy my books for class,

but should I really have to pay for books at all?


My councilor doesn't listen, she just want's to stick me in a class.

I'd love to tell her how it is and let her kiss my...

I've never been to her for help because she's always really mean,

my entire class doesn't like her, shout out to 2014!


This is the first scholarship I've applied for,

and I'm really not that trained,

but since you've read my poem can I honestly be blamed?


This is Carroll High School.

Freshman, don't worry you'll be fine!

As for me I'm off to college,

leaving this dumpy school behind!


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