My Reason


My reason for writing is not just because I can, but rather it's who I am

Poetry is more than just an art of flowing words together melodically

But it is my therapy

My counseling for past pains and lingering chains on my heart which wields many scars and wounds

A history...a history of my near doom poetry is who I am

It's how I get people to understand my purpose, my role in God's plan

It's my identification in this corrupt nation where I am certified to spread a messages from ear to ear

And pray that one person will stop and hear

I am a poet

And I wield my pen and pencil like two swords in a never ending war against stupidity and lack of understanding

Demanding that others stand up for their right to learn

Especially those that are a minority like because it was illegal for our ancestors to read

We have a right to learn 

While in past times that was something we had to earn

This is why I write

To inform and change minds

Because as we go through changes in time

History and truth will not be vital to students in class

But cleaned up stories will be a now and truth a thing of the past

This is why I wrtie

Because I have the power and wisdom to fight

Fight for those that don't know how to do it for themselves

So yes I'll gladly take a trip to hell and back by stating truthful but controversial facts

So the odds are unproportianately stacked and we are minorites are jacked

This world will not fight for everyone to have rights

So someone has to speak up and shine some light on the truth

This is why I write


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