I Hate Writing Poetry


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(poems go hereMy head is throbbing
I want to slam it against the wall
oh Why
has God disgrace me with a brain that is two sizes too small?

let it be my heart,
like in How the Grinch Stole Christmas
anything but my brain.
If only the wizard would grant me a brain,
oh how the Scarecrow must feel
never knowing when I was a little girl
laughing at his mistakes as he constantly tripped over bails of hay

I am not an intelligent individual, like William Shakespeare
Curse you Romeo
Curse you Juliet
for becoming such a famous phenomenon
twelve movies were made.
How many versions can there be?
and even Taylor Swift turned it into a love song.

I hate writing poetry.
I honestly do
there is nothing more worse than making words rhyme,
or using them to describe something
that no one understands but you

Maybe the view outside will help me get a clue
about this task on hand
that’s almost due

Snow is falling from the sky
faster than rain, but with the same outcome.
students are wet, soaked from head to toe.
leaving trails of their shoe designs stranded behind

Bang! Bang!
A dent on my head
leaving no marks or any chips to this stupid white paint
curse this stupid resistant wall
oh Why
can I not think right now?

If only I had the brain of Edgar Allen Poe
this assignment would be easier
a quick say of “Never more”
and my problems would cease to exist

I hate writing poetry
as my hands rub my head
soothing the blood that is rushing through my veins.
screaming and crying over the sauna like tempeture
that is flowing through my brain.

Help! Help!
They cry with desperate plea
make her stop thinking
there’s no use
she will not pull through

This excruciating agony is just too much to bear
but now I have to write a second one,
Ms. Goss is being unfair.

If it wasn’t clear yet
let me say it once more
I hate writing poetry
That is it
There isn’t anymore


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