Life employs a different meaning to each individual

Is this awakened state of being existence?

Or rather the opposite…

Are we really living in an illusion, fooled by the conscious mind?

Allowing the physical to prevent what we are destined to find?

The soul within, the entity, energy, vibrational source,

but instead run around aimlessly, on an unguided course.

By simply stopping and shutting out the distracting sound,

delight, joy, and clarity can soon be found.

Accept the peace, the easier path,

let go of attachment, conformity, and wrath.

Find meaning and purpose,

wander to discover why you exist,

and you’ll soon be overcome with sensations of bliss.

Disregard the chatter,

the phony attempt to flatter.

Causing yourself immense distress,

but who are you really here to impress?

Remember what’s important,

keep a leveled head.

For you may think you are alive,

but inside you are dead.

The ability to breathe does not distinguish if you’re living,

it is to be evolving, ascending, creating, and giving. 


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