Nightmare Ex

So tired of playing the same sick games

Running around in circles playing whose to blame

We fight we fight you’re mad you go date around

Then when you aint happy

Im left to be found

It’s the same sick cycle that just wont end

Only because im dumb enough to keep this cycle as a trend

Same shit happens you don’t get your way, you go find a bunch of guys

Yet in your head you don’t know why

It never seems to work out with you and your quote “mr right”

Maybe its because im the one in your head all night

You say you do this to get me back

What sick person plays these mind games to get someone back

Youre the definition of a nightmare ex

That just keeps on resurrecting from the past

So I vent and vent to pour my feelings out

Its too bad you know how I feel yet you don’t care to figure it out

So it seems empty words fall upon a deaf ear

Guess what I aint always going to be here

So here it is my heart, my soul, my good bye

This is dedicated to you

Hope you enjoy youre life with the new guy

When you finally realize its not real with him but it was with me

Ill be free from this sick cycle of happiness mixed with misery

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