I feel that I should write but I don't know what to say
I'm not sure how I feel on this glorious day
On one hand, it's good to be alive
Then again, I can't seem to make up my mind
I'm wondering if things with him are meant to be
But for now he's not interested in me
Things with him are just as they seem
But that won't stop me from these dreams
Looking into his eyes makes the stars align
I wanna hold his hand but I'm waiting for a sign
I might be the last girl he'd think to fall for
But I'm holding onto hannope for something more
I've never held anything inside
I tell anyone anything they want to know about my life
Because life is too short to keep secrets locked away
Life is too brief to have regrets of what you'll never say
Life is but a blip on the timeline of eternity
The world is just a speck in the universe we see
So why bother holding anything back?
Why bother denying the facts?
You aren't guaranteed a tomorrow, only a today
Life will never be perfect, but things will be okay
All you can do is live your days as best as you can
Be kind, be sweet, hold out a helping hand
There's only so much you can do, you can only go so far
Sometimes all you can do is wish on your lucky stars
Forgive your enemies and love them to death
It'll drive them nuts and mess with their heads
For someone with little to say, I sure have said a lot
There's so much of my past I already forgot
Maybe I'm over it, maybe I'm not
But this is a lesson I remember being taught


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