Flaws Run Deep


She stands looking in the mirror

and what does she see ?

what she appears

to be 

a young woman of faith 

filled with promises from above

Her flaws run deep 

yet she is washed clean

her savior has redeem all of her flaws

and released her from deaths claws 

she strides with passion not pleasure

she loves the soul not the outer shell 

she cries for those who are deemed to hell

she prays for the lost 

and is willing to pay the cost

that her savior did that special day 

upon the cross 

to die is gain and to live is to die

she is set free and filled with glee

her heart is tender yet she will not surrender

her flaws run deep

but she is his sheep 

she loves the jingle of music 

and never wants to lose it

her eyes sparkle bright 

with the light

of her soul

she is worth more than gold

she is made clean 

because she is redeemed

how thankful she is

to be called his

her flaws run deep

how she is loved

and adored by her father

she seeks the light and

flees from darkness' sight

his light guides her through the wild

her emotions are dialed 

she does not fear any man or woman

only her father in heaven 

for he breathed life into her

she meets her eyes with the eyes looking back in the mirror

she evaluates her appearance. 

None of it matters

if her eternity is shattered

The self realization of her flaws

and the laws

will bring her to death

but the cross kept

her safe and sound 

and heaven bound.

forever she will be 

set free

if she only believes. 



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