Two as one : One to Two

Tue, 07/28/2015 - 01:03 -- J-Wolf

To love me is what I wish from you

Right now you've got my mind askew

We are inseparable- we are glued

So few things I ask for-yet so much I do

to prove to you what I know is true


Feelings are mutual

you want me too


Existence has but one demand

Soon you will be forced to understand

why we are like this- a two person band

Your heart knows what's right- let it out or remand

unless you truly wish to be damned


Just release your thoughts

they're no longer banned


We as one define compatability

But with union comes much volatility

My efforts in vain- exude futility

Yet I feel from you a high possibility

that we, together, can reach tranquility


We'll come together

be one entity



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