Love What is it? I feel like it's a knife Sticking in my back Draining the life from me Why won't the pain stop? I don't understand  Love was suppose to be fun Happy, exciting Kisses and hugs everyday Not tears on my cheek  Or punches into the wall  Wait, It's clear to me now Love is not perfect It has many flaws You have to keep going Don't give up No matter what  Love is refusing,  Refusing To give up, Refusing to let her leave,  Refusing to watch your heart Walk out the door  Love. Don't give up. Brighter days are coming. Trust. Believe.  Know that this is TRUE!  LOVE


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very emotioanlly driven poem

sets off anger, confusion, and determinaton according to this piece

love is not suppose to hurt

make certain that you are receiving love in return-if not, be with someone that loves u 4 u

interesting perspective of how you express love-nice job


Thank you! And I think it's safe to say I have had a rough go with, love

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