The Search

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 21:35 -- ngnew23


United States
26° 55' 53.0292" N, 80° 6' 33.6852" W

Most of the people I have known have thrown me to the curb, saying don't come back.
The ones that were there for me; I had to leave. I searched through every group:
I tried harder to find friends then anything else. I wanted to fit in somewhere.
I wanted to feel the strength of a friendship, the bond of this relationship,
and the joy of having people that care about you. I never thought I would find true friends.
But after all the searching, true friends found me. I was trying too hard the whole time.
Without me even knowing it, a group of people brought me in.
I had finally gained those friends that I know will always be there for me.
Everyone fits in somewhere; you just have to stay positive.
True friends are those that find you; that's what makes them true.


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