21 truths and regrets

1. Sometimes you have to start from nothing

2. I never got to listen to Jimi Hendricks with you

3. We only got as far as Pink Floyd

4. I'm  afraid that I'm no good

5. Beauty is vain

6. I am a gypsy

7. That time has and always will kick my ass

8. I never know what kinda stuff comes with the new season

9. People hardly ever think the way you expect them to

10. Every cloud has a silver lining

11. I am not like my mother

12. My heart needs more time to heal

13. I am in love with a ginger

14. I am an outrageous person, the way people stare sometimes is appalling

15. I had to say goodbye to my ginger

16. To make friends you must show yourself friendly

17. The pleasant and complimentary bird is given the worm by the earlier but rougher and less cordial birds

18. I am not as happy as I pretend to be

19. Netflix is taking over my life

20. I don't like it when the universe makes jokes at my expense

21. The world has music for those who listen

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