Can not mix light

We cannot mix God and the world

Light and darkness

Nor the flesh and Spirit

It is ridicules

God would spit you and me

Out of His mouth if were lukewarm

That is the consequence

You see I lived a life of emptiness

Hopeless and pointless

Trying to suppress my depression

With different types of supplements

Consumed by sin in complete blindness

Christ Jesus came knocking at my door

To my heart and I opened

When I heard His voices, I fell on the floor

And He showed me my life's report

On how I was poor

Naked, pitiful and wretched

Every breath I was taken

Was an opportunity given?

For my life re-direction

Jesus was more than men, life of innocence

Shed His Blood for you and me

We were purchased

When He became sin and crucified

To give us life He gives us the resurrection

King of King and Lord of Lord

In Him alone is salvation

For my soul, I accepted

Leaving the past and embracing the present

The old has gone and I am new creation

I want to be an authentic Christian

Not one that hides in the closet

But an active one, full of faith and action

Self-denial is first and foremost important

Like Paul said

If I still tried to please men

I would not be a servant

Of Christ Jesus

Must stay focus

Redeemed for a purpose

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