Cali on my mind


United States
30° 0' 14.9652" N, 95° 29' 36.6432" W

I got Cali on my mind
My hearts not so far behind
But everyone I come across tries to steal my light
I don't know what I must have done
To drive em all to fight
To use harsh words against my dreams
For their own selfish delight
But it's all a hoax, a joke somehow,
And evil unmarked scheme
To take away the only thing I've ever wanted to be.
An inspiration to the world that I look down upon
With people dying everyday, they'll never get to be someone
Till we just learn how to connect, find some sort of common bond
Just let the music set you free
And live in harmony
Let go of certain kinds of things
And learn to calmly breath
Pray to a God that lives in us to take our sins away
One day I hope to show the world
That this is what could be.


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