Through an Instagram lens its often hard to see the bigger picture

Every post is worth a thousand words

And some of them are meant to injure

I've cast judgment upon my peers based on shallow facts

Never considering the reality of what happens right behind my back

'Cause what we don't show says more than what we do

I tend to employ a facade in the pursuit of being cool

Only if I'd known that the image I'd developed would be so crude

Maybe I'd have taken the initiative to stop being so rude

Even with a selfie its still perplexing for me to see myself

Its impossible to swallow my pride without first seeking help

Once I see my petty flaws I wonder how they dealt

Then abruptly I begin to understand just how they felt

When I ridiculed and misconstrued their true intentions

Spewing insults more harsh than what I'd like to mention

I wish I could take back all the fallacies I ever told

I've read the captions on your posts, but we've never spoke.


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