Give appraisal for the betrayals

because we are finagled by who we worship

stuck in a coma


sad that every truth is hidden

I mean what is TRUTH?

A story with no beginnings

no citation, illustrations, fake bibliographies and no conversation


No truth be told

Stories are intermingled

Twisted, misguided by the ignorant pedestrians

misunderstood because of the constant human being believing they understand

the energy, the rhythm of each personalities

which then creates mythology....which in turns crumbles to bullshit

To those who believe the world is progressing...nope we live the past, present, future

you loser

can I school yah?

bamboozle yah?

like the dear light man with an easy snap of his finger

smack yah with some knowledge of slavery

slave your minds to the mysteries...of decieval

You been fooled

Can you pick yourself up dear sir?



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