Story of My Life


  1. I was born in a world where music became my life.

  2. On the day of my birth I saw light for the first time into this world, but all of a sudden it turned dark in a matter of an instant. This I was told, of course I do not remember any of this.

  3. Everyone gathered in the hospital hoping for a miracle to happen, the air around was tense, praying was the only hope for survival..

  4. After around 30 seconds I was revived, but not by medicine nor any other treatment, but by the miracle of the heavens.

  5. The intensified air around soon softened, but the threat was still around.

  6. Soon after a year of being in danger, I began to grow unlike any other living thing in this earth.

  7. Knowledge filled my mind, along with friendships around me to help me through the path in which life had given me.

  8. Following this path was my only choice till I moved into an unfamiliar setting, and realized I had a choice to live however my heart wished upon.

  9. Hardships followed my path, many obstacles and new aromas filled the air, but this didn’t stop me.

  10. Having to go through the difficulties of life was hard enough, to endure more throughout the process of living at the age of 13.

  11. Having to witness the house in which I lived in for 5 years burn down into ashes, black, red, and yellow were the colors my eyes witnessed at first hand was terrible. Flames burning so intense like a volcanic eruption before my eyes.

  12. Going through a difficult time, no where to go was a time I’ll never forget.

  13. Knowing no one at the time was hard, but moving back to where I lived, was a nightmare in which I didn’t want to experience once again.

  14. Time passed, as I saw myself grow went to Mexico for sometime, didn’t dare to return to the place that brought me so much memories of despair was soon going to be forgotten.

  15. A new beginning was about to be brought onto me, yet knowing I didn’t have a choice I choose to proceed without fear.

  16. Made many promises, but just kept on breaking those words in which I never meant. made many mistakes here in Austin, but I learned throughout this journey that at the End what I failed on isn’t important, but what I learned from the past experience is what true value becomes.

  17. My future is what I yet have to live, but I think I’m ready for whats yet to come forth.

  18. Music is my passion, poetry is my friend, and Family is my dearest possession in life. These are the 3 things that will drive me through my success without a doubt.

  19. Education, and Friends are what will help me get to my destination, but choosing the right people will become my family.

  20. In the End of my lifetime I hope to have a meaning in this World, leaving something important behind in the World of Music for generations to come will be my greatest goal yet to accomplish.




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