if you have stayed

longer than expected

you are one among many



for all acquaintances

grown attached

unintentionally rally



if you’ve seen my light

and enjoyed basking

long enough to keep you

then your hopes for us

are sadly not possible

and won’t end gracefully



for the shining light

that comes through

cannot sustain my bouts

of shadow




now deeply invested

and assuming the best

we will be kept alive

by spurts of love

always short lived



I don’t plan these

monstrous outcomes

but my light draws

helpless victims

to fall in love

with a farse


of kindness



the traces of charm

left behind

within are the rays left

not yet absorbed



and when I am free

even for a moment

from my exhausting

exorcisms failed

my heart shows

who I once was

in brief clips



at times others

are drawn into

the trap that is me



time spent together

quickly revealing

the instability

of my mind


this tends to outweigh

the good moments

being spread

further apart



and then

as expected,

you’ll search

for a way out



I used to be hurt

when being given up on

but now I understand

and even warn the innocent

showing interest

in my slivers of light



aiding in their escape

from a mostly




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