Thu, 12/28/2017 - 14:58 -- Zia

The truth, my pride. It's all conflicing...

See, I've been hurt so many times, ain't no tears in me.

So memory lane I'm jogging faithfully, but waking up some days...

I don't take so graciously.

While they waking up saying "thank you for waking me."

I'm knelt down thinking God ungratefully.

Like I'm going through it, but don't y'all pray for me.

18 years without a blessing, it's pretty plain to see.

Do you love me or you hate me?

I mean... That's what it seems.

A Sunday well spent, and it ain't no ice cream.

Now I'm questioning my fate, because things ain't so great...

And I'm hoping one day, that I'll finally be straight.

But how many years do I really gotta wait?

And how many times are you gonna let me break?

God please! We've been through this times before...

I asked for your forgiveness, now I ask you once more.

Just tell me what to do and I'll handle that chore.

Just touch me with your words I don't ask for much more.

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