Reality Check


Colorless is how people should appear to a police officer’s view

Offender’s skin shouldn't make a difference in the end its true

Living the life of a criminal is a choice we all can make

Once that choice is made, it's a chance you chose to take

Real law breakers live on the edge and challenge the police

Likely acting crazy and sometimes running like a flock of geese

Easy is not how I would describe a police officer's job at all

Sometimes they have to chase after a criminal and make a call

Showing they are human and make mistakes, they might be wrong


Seeing what they think is a gun or a knife as they follow along

Killing a person is not the first thought on their mind at all

Instead getting home safely is what they want on every call

Needless to say they aren't perfect and do make a mistake


The public is quick to jump and try to get them to break

Only if people would think about the job the officer was hired to do


A person broke the law, the officer is to arrest so he or she must pursue

Not complying with the requests to stop and put their hands up in the air


Officers are trained to protect lives so they put their training into motion

Forced to defend and protect they demand compliance without commotion

Finding defiance is their worst case scenario and a dangerous one at that

It endangers everyone not just the police so serious action they must take

Choosing to use brute or deadly force is never an easy choice to make

Entering into a deadly situation skin color is a non-issue it’s true

Really the win-win situation is to defuse the situation and protect me and you

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