World View




analytical debates

shows what a person hate

its sad to see what we don't appreciate 

I just hope eyes open before its too late

all we need is love

blood shed from the son above

when we gonna give in

realize what we breathin ain't healin 

don't fall victim to believing 

all the skeemin done by demons 

they be on the hunt creepin 

and this killin for no reason 

no words wheres the peace man 

mass murders gov acting like they ain't heard us

locking up the wrong ones

our sons chilling killing 

guns spilling

leaving more and more hurt ones

blood spilling

mothers grieving over dead sons

 this system is filthy

skittles and a hoodies make you creepy 

we don't wanna hear it how he not guilty 

you tell me if he wrong he right 

to hell with that zimmerman stole his life

till justice served we fight

for all to be equal 

for all to have equal

we gotta stick through 

together we  writing chapters 

 life's sequel 

Lauryn says you win some you loose some

but you never gain in vein 

you cant win with the devils name

nor will you win playin his game 


it be the ignorance of a dimwitted

always thinking they ill with it trill with it mind

that think they on they grind 

but all jokes aside 

it takes more than a weak hustle

to top of your bundle 

see your knowledge is your power

and your Power will shower its light

"Listen, Pay Attention and Be Aware"

those my friend are the three rules of life

with those your bound to win all your fights

keep ya game tight 

they'll know from ya light 

it takes a king to stay fly

walk with his head high

it takes a king to stay high

reach past the sky 

surpass the worlds limits 

focus and duck the worlds gimmicks

people stay tryna bring you down

but hold your ground 

stand firm for what comes around

because hate will keep gunnin

so stay strong

and don't fall for nothing 

and hold on

because we livin in a world of sin

and God is #1  you can call on 

even if your mans is there to fall on

and if he ain't thats what you call a love lost 

See i'm just saying this to help you understand

and that to hold the knowledge is to know the truth 

to beware of your conscience puts pressure on you

most  would rather be left in the dark

and submit to ignorance than surrender to God




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