Stair Well To Life

Time progresses faster when we didn't notice

Our legacies we being born but we swear we're focused

Letting bills engulf our hearts like sticks and stones

Call it World War 4 because World War 3 started when we were alone

All of the "rich folk desires"

Tears our heart when we had to learn our way in and out of fire

Below the desk

Hidden off onto another dimension but its something us "poor people" have with the less fortune

Not as intriguing

As having a mansion with the society partners

And having access to every source of education at your finger tips

But I'm more spirited and up-lifting with these soulful wonders

Being blessed at this height that I have achieved

Where years later that stormy weather has turned my struggle to humble my knees

I couldn't sleep

Couldn't cry

Stayed weak

But I wouldn't die

Felt good

But looked bad

That was the last time

And it was too sad

Choosing all of those decisions

Was the teenage lifestyle that I envisioned

Time drifts slower not knowing what the future holds

But I guess my mind is wondering off into the distance.


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