Not The Average Dancer


A dancer is expected to be

tall, long, and thin. 

Their balance should rival a cat,

and their grace should make you stare in awe. 


When a shorter than average,

larger than average

girl steps onto the stage,

no one is expecting her. 


She pours her heart

and her soul

into every movement,

but she isn't quite enough. 


As beautiful as they say she is,

she isn't the weight they want,

the height they want,

the picture perfect dancer they dream of. 


She could dance until her feet bled,

move until her legs broke,

pour every single breath into her dance,

but she isnt the picture perfect dancer they dream of. 


She struggles with her image,

and she struggles with society,

and she struggles with herself,

but she still dances. 


Until the day her feet bleed,

her legs break,

and her lungs struggle to hold any more air,

she will dance. 


Because dancers are supposed to be passionate, too. 

Their hearts and heir minds

and theirs souls will forever belong

to the beautiful routines, no matter what anyone else wants. 




My favorite part of this poem is that it came from my heart.  I cry every time I read/write it.  I wrote about how the media perceives dancers and makes us feel like we have to be "picture perfect," when, in fact, that is not the case.  This poem also relates to people who feel this pressure from society, not just dancers.  I really enjoyed writing this poem. 

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