If Winter only taught me one thing,

it would be how to not respond

when life calls for me. 

Winter told me to ignore it,

when my best friend called

and pleaded for my involvement 

in some important matter which

I did not care. 

Winter told me that there were 

more important things in life, 

when my mother called, 

and begged me to listen

to some long lecture on descisions which

I did not care. 

But Winter reminded me of reality. 

And time faded away fast. 

Along with my family and friends. 

And life. 

A seductive voice whispered in my tired ears, 

"Finally they are gone. We are alone."

The voice enticed me; flowed through me as wind.

I thought it to be honest. 

Then Spring came. 

I realize now the lies of Winter. 

Yet it's too late. 

Ive been trampled as dirt under the 

feet of a liar. 

Winter is gone. 

But I can never be rd of his cold fingers for long. 


Em Anekaf

The seasonal metaphor is often overused, but I enjoyed your spin on it.

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